Sunday, August 12, 2012


Dear Weeb,

Here are some photos that you've participated in, in the past week.  Below, you were doing your best to pose for me, on a very sunny day.  You've never liked posing in the sun.  You have sensitive eyes.  I have way more shots of you squinting or complaining with your eyes shut tightly than I have photos of you with your eyes open.  This one was worth the bribing.  My pretty girl!

Here, you're sneaking up, all teethy like, on an unsuspecting tiny knit zombie chicken.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Dear Weeb,

We went to the beach today. You were too young to remember the last time we went to a beach. You had so much fun collecting shells, touching stuff (dead and alive) and splashing. You were drenched before long, and completely blissed out. We'll have to go back again, soon.

This isn't you.  Daddy saw a little crab and tried to point it out to you, but another little girl came and scooped it up before you could see it.  I was about to give her heck when she walked over to you (you were not keen on holding the little crab yourself) and let you touch it and let me take some pictures.

Weeb, Mummy & Daddy feeties.  We were amazed how clear the water was!  You and I kept sinking into the sand when I tried to take this picture so we had to shuffle around a few times to try and get it look right.

Nothing happier than a splashing Weeb!  You have declared this - the Best Day EVER!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Dear Weeb,

We are watching Disney's 1979 movie - The Black Hole.  Here is a little conversation that resulted at the beginning of the film.

Mummy:  The black hole should have sucked in that ship, but it didn't and they don't know why.

Weeb:  The black hole doesn't want that ship, it says, "Oh no, there's too much stuff in that thing!"

Mummy:  Black holes don't care, they suck up whole SUNS!

Weeb:  Well it's going to want a drink of water after that!


Dear Weeb,

People pay good money for eyelashes like yours.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Dear Weeb,

I got a phone call from you today while you were out with Grandma, Grandpa and Cousin J at the park.  You'd been eating a snack and when you were done, you said something didn't feel right and you felt in your mouth and found a tooth on your tongue!

I can't believe you lost tooth #6!

You banged yourself with a toy horse yesterday and your tooth was bleeding a bit, but it didn't really seem any more wiggly than it had before.  I thought we were a few weeks away from losing this tooth, despite the bonk.  I was wrong!

Grandma said you were so excited, you weren't bothered at all about the bit of bleeding.  She put the tooth into a baggie that she'd had bandages in and you all continued on your way, you declaring that you just couldn't believe you lost your tooth, the whole way!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Dear Weeb,

I looked so forward to you losing your front teeth.  I thought the gappy grin was going to be awesome, but it never really happened for you.  You lost the bottom ones about a year before the top ones and the top ones were lost a few months apart and you just never had that huge gap that is so funny.

Since you lost your 5th tooth at the end of June, you just look so darned grown up to me when you talk.  I don't know why.  Perhaps it showcases how big your adult front teeth look.  You have three more loose teeth.  I'm sure it'll be ages before they come out.  Your teeth seem to be loose for so long!  Until then, I'm going to enjoy this gappy grin.  It's a good look for you.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Dear Weeb,

After many weeks of trying to get you to pull your wiggly tooth out, you couldn't avoid it any longer.  You were home today with a terrible cough and as I was on the phone with a cleaning company, trying to make arrangements for our move, next month, you came up to me with a terrified face, a bloody tissue a wiggly tooth that was trying very hard to get out of your mouth.

After a few minutes on the phone (longest conversation EVER), we went upstairs and I tried to calm you down.  You were freaking out and told me your knees were shaky because you were so scared.  I don't know why.  You've done this four other times and it's never been a horrific ordeal before.  Your ability to freak out seems to be inherited from your mother.  It's not learned because I don't think you've ever seen me panic over anything.  I kept telling you to look at me and that if I didn't look freaked out, YOU didn't have to be freaked out either.

Your hysterics continued and I was trying not to chuckle as your tooth fluttered back and forth every time you took a breath or tried to talk.  It was LOOSE!

I finally convinced you to rinse your mouth and then try a pull the tooth out with a tissue.  It took some time to calm you down, but you finally did try and it just popped right out.  Then you were the happiest kid in the world!  

Edit to add later: The Tooth Fairy left you two loonies, two quarters, three dimes and four nickles!

Friday, June 15, 2012

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